• Fabric Innovations Informational Site This hotel fabric supplier had a need for an updated website that would allow them to showcase their colorful array of fabrics with an interactive portfolio functionality. Plan A developed this branded website that appeals to their designer clientele.

  • ZOOfresh Informational Site Designed as the primary marketing vehicle for this new business aimed at a highly niched market of zoo and animal park vets and exotic animal caretakers, this website needed to be maximized for SEO and showcase their unique product line.

  • Vertical Systems Informational Site This hospitality technology firm had a website that did not adequately reflect their expansive high-tech product line or appeal to the upscale hotel market that they needed to reach. Plan A stepped up to the challenge with a sleek new website design.

  • Physician Education Portal The Physician Education Portal was designed to facilitate the Continuing Medical Education (CME) division at Florida Hospital. It serves as an online hub for CME activities, educational opportunities, facility development, news and information for medical staff at Florida Hospital.

  • Heart of Apopka Program Site Florida Hospital's Heart of Apopka program was created to assist and educate patients living with chronic diseases. Plan A created a site to provide information on healthy lifestyles, instruct patients on who to contact to get help, and encourage residents to sign up for the program.

  • Cypress Retail Site Cypress Bathrobes had the unique challenge of needing a site that reached both consumers and their valued retail clients with very different messages and pricing. Plan A developed a password protected area of the site and cross-linked it for maximum functionality.

  • Giveaway Microsite When Cypress launched a new product, Plan A helped them maximize the impact on the market by developing a product giveaway and contest, complete with a microsite where users could enter the contest and Cypress could gather their data for future use.